Heal Your Skin Naturally: You Only Have One to Live In

Innovative Skin Care

We developed an ultra healing skin care balm to heal and protect the deepest layers of skin from all sorts of skin conditions: bubus, rashes, bug bites, dry, itchy skin.

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Inspired by beautiful skin

Our Story


I have used this product recently for skin repair after skin cancer treatment. It was so soothing to the excoriated areas and I feel it helped decrease the scarring! It also helps heal minor skin roughness! If my hands are feeling especially dry i use it with hand lotion too!

Laurie Moon, NC

My baby didn’t usually allow me to put lotion or ointment before, but she didn’t dislike this ointment. In the beginning she even expressed to apply them herself. That was huge deal. After a week we can see a big difference.

Christina Lee, Apex

My children used to suffer from severe eczema and since using your mother's healing creme, I have not had any issues with eczema. I am recommending this stuff to everyone. Also, my husband had a scar on his forehead for years. He used the same cream for 2 weeks and the scar has diminished. Thank you for such a great and natural product!

Lyneka, Cary NC