Closing the loop

Closing the loop

There is an upcoming trend in the natural product industry where consumers are demanding sustainable packaging and zero waste practices.

Rightfully so. It is nauseating the waste we produce mindlessly in school, in restaurants, in stores with packaging and food waste both.

Let me first start with packaging. Too much plastic, too much plastic, too much plastic. If you walk into a grocery store chances are you are walking out with several plastic bags in your hand. They are given to you without you asking. It is the most wasteful thing a store can do and one of the most detrimental to our environment. Plastic bags never break down in the environment. They will pollute landfills and rivers and oceans for ever. 

The image below is waste accumulated on the shores of Greenland. Greenland did not produce this amount of waste. It has been drifted there by ocean currents. And it is likely coming from the US and UK.

If you are walking out of grocery stores with plastic bags, it is likely to end up in some remote area littering the habitat and killing wildlife. Birds and animals choke in it. If you are still walking out of stores with plastic grocery bags, please stop! 

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There are many ground breaking, innovative products out there on the market. New brands are popping up everywhere bringing new and needed products to the market that enhance people's health and life. However they are not closing the loop on the consumer experience. They are doing right by the consumer, which is great but it they are packaging in plastic, they are not considering their footprint and leaving the loop open.

In our product development, our consideration for waste production in  the product lifecycle is crucial! It is not enough to create a healing product that is good for people. The product has to be good for the Planet as well. The choice for us is simple: we cannot continue producing more waste without facing the consequences soon. Ocean coral reefs are dying, greenhouse gas emissions are rising and there is more and more plastic waste circling our Oceans. 

We are committed to stop this vicious cycle by offering products that produce no or minimal waste with biodegradable  and recyclable packaging and advocating for change on the local level. 

There is something we all can do, to see change, right here at home. We can stop accepting plastic bags at stores, we can stop shopping for products that are overly packaged in plastic, we can start composting in our back yards to reduce food waste that goes to landfill and we can ask our local governments to implement similar practices. The choice is yours and the time to act in now. 

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