Healing Herbs for First Aid

Healing Herbs for First Aid

Medicinal herbs have been used for centuries for some form of healing.
Modern medicine is using the healing effects of herbs in extracts, tinctures, supplements and patented drugs.
We make our own herbal extracts to make the ointments, hence they are very potent, with a high concentration of medicinal herbs in it then a lotion or a cream that is diluted with water and has very little active ingredient from botanicals. 
Gaia Herbs, one of the biggest supplement manufacturers down the road from us in Asheville is using scientific breakthroughs and is finding the synergistic effects of herbs for optimal health and healing. 
Some of these compounds are called adaptogens, botanical extracts that help the body fight inflammation and chronic disease.
One such adaptogen is Ashwagandha. 

Ashwagadha has been widely researched for its anti inflammatory benefits and has a plethora of research studies backing its healing power as an anti-inflammatory agent. 

This miracle root has taken the health and wellness industry by a storm, and with good reason: used and backed by research for its health benefits to relieve a number of health conditions and to help the body remain in balance. 

Besides the many internal health benefits of Ashwagadha for combating stress and keeping the adrenals healthy, it is widely used for healing many skin conditions:

ashwagandha, first aid, inflammation, herbal healing1. Helps reduce sign of aging: Because Ashwagandha is packed with the lots of antioxidants (whitanolides), it can fight the signs of aging and prevent free radical damage from the sun's UV radiation. 

2. Promotes healing of wounds and scars: 

Ashwagandha is amazing for healing wounds. Once applied, it acts as a vulnerary (healing) agent that improve's the skin's regenerating ability. 

3. Reduces Inflammation

Ashwagandha is a potent anti-inflammatory due to its antioxidant compounds, called withanolides. The extracts of these compounds help inhibit the growth of Staphylococcus aureus bacteria that is responsible for a range of inflammatory skin infections. It also has a natural anti-viral and anti-fungal effect protecting the skin naturally form unwanted pathogens. But most importantly, this herb helps fight inflammation of the skin.  It helps the skin heal from within without compromising the skin and body's natural healing power. It helps regenerate the skin and bring it back to its natural healthy state. 

Another herb we use in our products is Calendula.

Calendula's  skin healing properties are well known, thanks to the herb's anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and related properties. Here are some of the promoted benefits of calendula for skin care:
calendula, first aid, herbal healing, baby ointment, diaper rash, nipple balm

1.Skin dryness or chapping — Calendula oil is a great moisturizer for dry skin and for severely chapped or split skin. It helps soothe the area and reduce the pain.

2.Inflammation — It works well on sprained muscles or bruises; its anti-inflammatory action helps lessen swelling from injury. Calendula also helps naturally heal the skin from bruises, scratches, redness or itching.

3.Baby care — Calendula oil is used to relieve diaper rashes helping to reduce redness and heal the skin

4.Minor cuts and wounds — The antiseptic and antimicrobial action of the calendula oil help speed up healing of wounds and minor cuts, and also help relieve insect bites, acne and bed sores.

5.Skin issues — Eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis and other skin problems can be soothed using calendula containing skin care products, applied topically. Calendula vulnerary (healing) effect is widely known for all sorts of skin conditions. 


Need wLavender, organic skin care, naturale say anything bout lavender's benefits for the skin? Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) has been used for centuries to soothe the senses and treat a variety of ailments and conditions.  We infuse organically grown lavender buds into sesame oil using our proprietary infusion process. Through this process we are able to extract the benefits of the herb into the oil. 

Lavender is traditionally used to treat various skin disorders
 like acne, psoriasis, eczema and wrinkles. It also helps form scar tissues, which may be essential in healing wounds, cuts and burns.
Lavender can also help soothe insect bites and itchy skin
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