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I do not have allergies. Neither does my husband, or anyone in our families in Eastern Europe. So you can imagine my surprise when we found out at age 2.5 that our son is allergic to pretty much everything that is blooming in our area. Great!

When he was 2 months old his body was covered in a mysterious rash. I tried everything I could think of but it just made it worse. We started a series of trips from one dermatologist to another. Each said it is atopic dermatitis. I was like what?? What does that even mean? It means eczema not otherwise specified.

heal eczema, heal allergiesEczema is extreme dry skin, accompanied by internal inflammation of some sorts. His skin is not dry, he has an allergic rash due to too much histamine in his body.

Nonetheless, the 'treatment' he was prescribed was for eczema/ultra dry itchy skin. Itchy it was indeed! But it was not because his skin was dry. And I figured this out early on that this is not dry skin. This is an allergic reaction to the pollen. 

Doctors  prescribed  a host of treatments that just did not work: vaseline, steroids antibiotics, baths, you name it. Non provided a little result even. So I started searching for answers. From regular doctors, naturopaths, online, herbalists. I was using the knowledge I gained combined with observation on what worked and what did not. Due to lack of better treatment, I created my own observational research. I know I am not alone, countless parents are doing the same for lack of better means or advice from healthcare professionals.

I was using an ointment from the natural store that had calendula and it seemed to offer some relief. But the nights were horrible, especially in April when everything is blooming around here. He would scratch his back to bleeding! We applied ointment, we gave him Benadryl and another allergy medicine prescribed but nothing seemed to work! The rash and itching only got worse.

When he was about 5 years old, I took him to a functional medicine pediatrician who has done some in depth testing. We found out that his body is severely depleted in crucial nutrients. It was mainly due for being an extremely picky eater and eating mostly bread and past and had a very limited diet. The doctor put him on a supplement regime to replenish his gut, he had to take glutathione and Coenzime Q10 and we started introducing new foods: cruciferous vegetables, cooked vegetables, deep green foods, fermented foods, reducing carbs like pasta and bread, and reduce processed sugars. As his body was being replenished with nutrients, his skin started looking better. I gave him probiotics before but when they tested him, he was virtually depleted entirely. Because he was not eating the foods that support the gut flora, like the vegetables, the probiotics themselves could not colonize the gut. Slowly his appetite started becoming better, and 5 years later I am happy to say that he has a huge appetite and a pretty varied diet. I believe the functional medicine testing helped put him on the right track and I am forever grateful for that.

This doctor also recommended a natural antihistamine for his allergies: quercetin. For 3 years, during allergy season, he got exclusively quercetin. 

Around the age of 6 we also did intensive chiropractic therapy to eliminate the subluxation in his neck. The chiropractor told us because he was a C section baby, there is a subtle deformation  of the vertebrae in the neck which is affecting the sinus nerves. WE did 2 months of adjustments 3 times a week. 

I noticed that his allergy symptoms got reduced significantly the following year. He did not have severe congestion. His skin was still itchy, but it was reduced to two weeks of severe outbreaks not a month. 

healed eczema, heal allergiesAnd as you know the he was the inspiration for the Mother's Healing Balm which kept the rash away.  Now his itchy rash is a thing of the past. It is mid April and his skin is completely clear. I see an improvement from year to year and I am so thankful for it.It took me nine years of testing, trial and researching remedies until I found something that works for him. As I am writing this, it is April and he had minimal allergy symptoms and rash this year. I am not entirely sure what exactly helped, but I think it is a combination of dietary changes, chiropractic adjustments, the natural antihistamine supplement he is on and my herbal ointments. He is applying them rigorously every night after bath. He knows bu now that if he does not, he will be up scratching.

 I am writing all this because I have found something that worked for us. I hope that it will help you too!

Disclaimer: the remedies and opinions expressed above are a personal story. These remedies worked for us. It may not work for you. These statements were not meant to treat or cure any disease.  

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