Itchy Skin?

Itchy Skin?

 When my son was a baby,  he always had some sort of skin rash or redness.  I tried everything I could think of but it just made it worse. We started a series of trips from one dermatologist to another. Each said it is dermatitis. I said, what is dermatitis?? I did not care much about the label of what it was. I cared more about the fact that no matter what product or treatment we tried, this rash just would not go away. Finally at age 2.5 we tested him for environmental allergies, and sure enough he had it! So the rash was a side effect of his body reacting to pollen.

Doctors  prescribed  a host of treatments like vaseline after bath, hydrocortisone, antibiotics, allergy medicine and beach baths. They offered little to no result and I definitely did not see a long term result. I did find a calendula salve that seemed to help a bit. But in the Spring, when everything is blooming, the itching became so bad I was dreading allergy season! We tired many remedies and treatments including chiropractic care to align the spine to help with allergies, functional medicine and gut healing. But the thing that was the most important in my opinion was the dietary change by eliminating processed foods, reducing carbs, sugar and dairy! After doing all these treatments and changes, I started noticing a change. My son's allergies started to improve year after year, but the itchy rash was still there. After nine years of trial and errors, I started making an herbal skin salve based on recommendations by an herbalist and using my own research background. When creating the balm, we thought of every aspect of skin healing. We chose calendula for its healing benefits to the skin, witch hazel for being an astringent, marshmallow plant (Althea officials) for its emollient benefits and Ashwagandha for its powerful anti inflammatory benefit. This is how Mother's Healing balm was born. 


healed eczema, heal allergiesWhen I started using the Mother's Healing Balm, I saw a huge improvement in my son's skin. Within two weeks of use,  his skin cleared completely!  Now his itchy rash is a thing of the past. His skin healing and every time the itching comes back we apply the mean green machine as he calls the Mother's Healing Balm.

Disclaimer: These statements were not meant to treat or cure any disease.  The remedies and opinions expressed above are a personal story and are not meant to cure or diagnose any disease.

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