Itchy Skin?

 When my son was a baby,  he always had some sort of skin rash or redness.  I tried everything I could think of but it just made it worse. We started a series of trips from one dermatologist to another. Each said it is dermatitis. I said, what is dermatitis??

heal eczema, heal allergiesI did not care much about the label of what it was. I cared more about the fact that no matter what product or treatment we tried, this rash just would not go away. Finally at age 2.5 we tested him for environmental allergies, and sure enough he had it! So the rash was a side effect of his body reacting to pollen.


Doctors  prescribed  a host of treatments vaseline after bath, hydrocortisone, antibiotics, allergy medicine. They offered little to no result and I definitely did not see a long term result. I did find a calendula salve at Whole Foods and just stuck with it for years when the rash v]came back. But in the Spring, when everything is blooming, the itching became worse.  

healed eczema, heal allergiesMother's Healing Balm which kept the rash away.  Now his itchy rash is a thing of the past. It is mid April and his skin is completely clear. I see an improvement from year to year and I am so thankful for it.It took me nine years of testing, trial and researching remedies until I found something that works for him. As I am writing this, it is April and he had minimal allergy symptoms and rash this year. I am not entirely sure what exactly helped, but I think it is a combination of dietary changes, chiropractic adjustments, the natural antihistamine supplement he is on and my herbal ointments. He is applying them rigorously every night after bath. He knows bu now that if he does not, he will be up scratching.

 I am writing all this because I have found something that worked for us. I hope that it will help you too!

Disclaimer: the remedies and opinions expressed above are a personal story. These remedies worked for us. It may not work for you. These statements were not meant to treat or cure any disease.  

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