Becoming Well

Becoming Well

I discovered a secret, and I want to share it with you!

I hope that my journey to healing will help you too! One day, about 10 years ago,  I was reading an article in Experience Life magazine. It was an interview with Gabby Bernstein about her new book "Add More ~Ing To Your Life". I did not know what the book was about, but I felt an urge to read it. From the book, I learned that there is an inner guide in all of us that guides us, who sees the larger picture and knows best what we need.

I started trusting this inner guide or higher self or call it what you want. I started turning inward with meditation and the help of self hypnosis apps. Slowly I was discovering that I am not alone, I don't have to struggle and figure it out all by myself. We were designed to have an inner guide that helps us, that sees the larger picture and which will always lead us to the right answer. I started finding answers within myself. Whenever I would get anxious or feel down, or was presented with an obstacle I would meditate and ask the inner guide for an answer.  I learned that the answer is not out there but it's within me and all I have to do is listen and train my brain to be stronger, to not react.  I strongly believe now that every answer we seek, is already within us. We just have to allow ourselves to find it through meditation.  Research shows that during mediation, our brains are rewired. New neural connections are made. For me, that meant that my anxiety subsided and eventually one day I realized, it is completely gone. It was not a conscious process, but rather very subtle. I was just doing my practice of listening to the meditation and self hypnosis apps, moving my body , for me it was yoga, and moving through whatever negative feeling I had. Breathing in fresh air, breathing out the anxiety.

I just noticed after a while that I am not anxious anymore. In 2015 I got pregnant with twins. I was not anxious at all during this pregnancy. Even though I had twice as much work and responsibility coming toward me, I was ready! I gave birth to beautiful healthy twins, and I could not be happier about it. 

I strongly believe we can heal ourselves through a self care practice. Different things work for different people, but the means and goal is the same: taking care of ourselves first. 

Our fast paced, busy lives is causing so much stress. So many people struggle with insomnia, mental health problems and chronic disease. We never allow ourself to stop, breathe and listen! We do that through meditation or a breathing exercise or yoga. 

The more I meditated the more I felt good. It was not easy at the beginning. The mind will do everything to keep us distracted. But there are so many tools at our fingerprint to get started on a self care practice. Binaural beats have been shown in clinical research studies to rewire the brain patterns. There are a myriad of self hypnosis apps that help calm the brain.

Through my journey,  I am learning that I can have  control over what I think and how I feel. This realization, changed my life. I learned how to breathe and release.  I  got training in Transcendental meditation, Kundalini Yoga, and Pranic healing. These are all tools I use to keep me grounded and help cope with stress.  It does not mean that I am perfect, and I don't have any struggles. Of course I do get afraid every now and then. Of course my anger runs away with me, especially if my kids make a huge mess and don't clean it up! Of course I get frustrated and let it get to me if this business or something in my life does not go as I want it. Of course I still play the blame game. But I found a grounding source and I know that if I use it enough, I will find answers to the questions in my life.  

It all started with stopping, and starting to breathe, observing  and being open. 

mom, story, wellness, healthI know this sound too simple and easy to be true. I have been practicing meditation, breathing and yoga for 10 years. I love walking in Nature, and listening. This works for me.   

You probably heard this before, but if you are healthy, have physically safety, and have meaningful connections, you are already richer than 90% of the world's population and you have everything to be perfectly healthy!  Feeling good cannot be bought, and it is the greatest gift anyone can have.

Thank you for reading!

 Next blog will be about my son's healing journey who had severe allergies and eczema for 9 years.


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