Meet our Farmers

Meet our Farmers

Lavender Farmers


lavender farm, eczema cream, organic skin careBuzzy Blooms Farm is a woman-owned lavender business in operation since 2016 in the northern part of Franklin County, NC . Owners Angie and Troy Bumgarner grew up working on their families' farms so it is in their blood to want to work the land and respect it.  They started out wanting to raise bees, so they purchased a box of bees and moved on from there.  They are passionate about doing their part to save our environment. During that venture, someone gave them some lavender mist to spray on the pillow to help with stress. That was the moment when Angie decided to grow lavender on their farm. We source our lavender buds from this farm which we use in the healing salves and the Ashwagandha Zen massage oil. 

Ashwagadha Farmers


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New Ground Farm LLC was established in 2011 by Millard and Connie Locklear. The farm is truly a family affair consisting of Connie, Duncan (son) and Millard who serves as the general manager, all food we sell is grown by us. New Ground Farm LLC is operated on a fifth-generation farm family land. The farm offers a wide variety of culinary and medicinal herbs, all grown locally on 11.2 acres of irrigated land by Millard and Connie Locklear. New Ground Farm grows Ashwagandha (Withania Somnifera) among other medicinal herbs. 


Calendula Farms


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Jackson Farm is a small family farm begun in the early 19th century and farmed by my family since then.  Although they were among the first farmers in NC to be certified as organic, they no longer maintain that certification,  but their farming methods have not changed. 

They supplement their small farm income with agritourism through a wedding venue and a guest house.  Jackson farm is growing calendula for our skin care salves.  Pictured above is Jan Jackson, owner, with the calendula shoots that were started in the greenhouse this winter. 



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