Tea Tree Balm Travel Size 1.5 oz

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Anti-Itch * Dry Skin * Skin Rash * Skin Astringent * Bug Bites * Deep Moisture

This all purpose tea tree ointment was developed by a mom and an herbalist to protect and moisturize delicate skin.  Use to heal and moisturize deepest layers of skin without side effects or without thinning the skin. Best for itchy skin, rash, dry skin, after swimming to protect skin, and after bug bites. Deeply moisturizes skin and due to its astringent properties, protects skin.

It is safe for use for babies, kids and adults. It contains medicinal herbs like calendula, witch hazel and lavender.

It is safe to use long term without side effects. 

This product has been tested for safety and toxicity by the Environmental Working Group. 

Disclaimer: do not use on open or broken skin. 

Ingredients: Organic Virgin Sesame Oil*, Beeswax, Lavender flower*, Ashwagandha root*, Which Hazel*, Marshmallow root*, Calendula Flowers*, Tea Tree essential Oil 

*Certified Organic Ingredients

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