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Herbal Salve with Hemp and Tea Tree Oil Organic 4 oz

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Developed by a mom with the help of a herbalist to heal, protect her kids skin from all things unseen out there.

We added tea tree oil to our innovative healing herbal salve to add an extra layer of protection and fight bacteria and viruses naturally. Tea tree oil is a powerful antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal. It is widely used in skin care as an antiseptic and to prevent infections. It is mother nature's most potent antimicrobial.

It also helps prevent insect bites and  infections. 

We are using five medicinal herbs that work together to heal the skin Through our proprietary infusion process we capture the healing benefits and active compounds of the medicinal herbs. We infuse organic sesame oil with the botanicals. 

Our approach is HOLISTIC. Every ingredient is 100% organic and safe, and is  meant to heal a specific aspect of skin healing with vulnerary, astringent, emollient, soothing and anti-inflammatory benefits!

Ingredient Disclaimer: contains organic sesame and hemp oils and five medicinal herbs: calendula, ashwagandha, witch hazel, marshmallow and lavender. It also contains Tea Tree essential oil.

 Read more about our innovation here.

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