About Us

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My name is Judit Beres and I started Herbal Healing to help heal and protect my kid's delicate skin. After working for 10 years in clinical research, I decided to quit my career and start my own company, inspired by my kids and my passion for natural, sustainable living. I wanted to develop a line of herbal salves using innovative and natural ingredients that deeply nourish the skin.

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With three active kids, I use this product almost every day. Just the other day, one of my twin daughters scratched the other on the face. Yikes! Mothers Healing Balm to the rescue! It is the ONLY product I trust to put on my daughter's rose petal like delicate skin.

Other times they slip and fall and have a 'bubu'. It hurts me more than it hurts them. Once the wound stops oozing and the scab starts forming, I launch Mother's Healing Balm for faster healing and to prevent scarring.

Do you have boys? Take the Mother's Healing Balm with you to your trip to the Beach. The sand and salt really do not mix well with their swim trunks rubbing on their skin. Rub some Mother's Healing Balm between their thighs and they are good to play in the salty water and sand all day without getting a rash. 

Our mission is: nourish and moisturize skin deeply and safely with our herbal salves.