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My name is Judit Beres and I started Herbal Healing to help heal and protect my kid's delicate skin.

With three active kids, I use this product almost every day. Just the other day, one of my twin daughters scratched the other on the face. Yikes! Mothers Healing Balm to the rescue! It is the ONLY product I trust to put on my daughter's rose petal like delicate skin.

Other times they slip and fall and have a bubu. It hurts me more than it hurts them. Once the wound stops oozing and the scab starts forming, I launch Mother's Healing Balm for faster healing and to prevent scarring.
In the summer, I apply the Tea Tree Salve after each outing to the pool, lake, Ocean or waterfalls.  One just never knows these days what the water carries. And I for one, do not want to take chances on my kid's skin.
Not to mention the Ocean. Do you have boys? The sand and salt really do not mix well with their swim trunks rubbing on their skin.
Again, rub some Mother's Healing Balm between their thighs and they are good to go!

My biggest inspiration to start making my own herbal salves was our son!  He has allergies, and every Spring, his skin erupts in red, itchy bumps. The doctors call it atopic dermatitis.

For the past 9 years, I tried everything possible during allergy season, and nothing healed it completely. Talk about sleepless nights! Why does skin itch most at night? This is what my son's back looked like every year at the onset of the allergies.  It only gotten worse from here: his entire upper body being covered in an itchy rash.

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After a lot of trial and error, I took things into my own hands. I contacted an herbalist and consulted with her on what medicinal herbs should I use to help heal my son's skin. I also launched my own research skills and came up with an innovative, natural and organic botanical formula: Mother's Healing Balm was born!

I am happy to attest that after 9 years, my son had clear skin during allergy season! Best of all we all had sound restful nights!

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My mission is to help other moms give their kids a healthy skin and sound restful nights! Read more about our story in this WRAL article