Our story

         Herbal Healing was born out of a deep love and respect for Nature and out of a need to heal skin naturally.  After starting a health food company, Neomega, which offers healthy, artisanal cooking oils, our founder, Judit created this line of herbal formulas with the help of an herbalist, to care for her kid's delicate skin. 

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Judit's son has environmental allergies, like the other 35% of his peers in this country. His allergy is accompanied by a skin rash called atopic dermatitis, which is the fancy name for an itchy rash due to too much histamine in his body. For years nothing worked to help reduce the inflammation and control the itching.  Judit consulted with an herbalist and used her research background to create an herbal salve the deeply moisturizes skin. This is how Mother's Healing balm was created and started our herbal product line.

 We use whole medicinal herbs to infuse virgin organic oils with one purpose: to heal and repair the deepest layers of skin. The more we work with the herbs, the more we are in awe of their healing powers. Mother Nature gave us truly miraculous healing plants to heal and nurture our bodies. Our goal is to fully utilize them in a respectful way, caring for the healing benefits of the plants, the way they were grown to nourish the earth and caring for our environmental footprint with everything we do, from processing the plants, making our products and packaging them. We compost our waste therefore creating zero waste with our manufacturing and use paper and glass packaging to reduce the waste our products produce. 

 Our mission is to come back to Nature for healing, self care and rejuvenation, with both what is inside the package and the packaging itself.

We hope you will give our herbal salves a try!