We worked with an herbalist and carefully researched the healing effect of medicinal herbs and virgin oils to create an innovative, ultra healing skin care product line. We are using a proprietary infusion process to infuse virgin  sesame and hemp oils with medicinal herbs like calendula, witch hazel, marshmallow and lavender. 

All of the ingredients we use are meant to serve one purpose- to deeply nourish and protect the skin. Calendula has been used for skin healing and repair for centuries, witch hazel has an astringent effect, Marshmallow herb acts as an emollient to the skin. We also scouted local farms to grow some of our medicinal herbs, such as organic calendula and lavender.

Besides our formulation, we are innovating in packaging as well. Our mission is to be conscious of our environmental footprint, and chose glass and paper packaging. Glass is fully recyclable while the paper tubes are compostable. We are doing this to drive our mission to Nourish your skin and the Planet.