We carefully researched the healing effect of medicinal herbs and organic ingredients to create an innovative, ultra healing skin care product line. 

       The five medicinal herbs we use in our herbal salves work in synergy together, for one purpose: to heal and nourish the deepest layers of the skin.

        We are using a proprietary infusion process to infuse virgin organic oils that are most beneficial and nourishing to the skin. Nothing refined or processed here. Every ingredient is 100% organic, natural and safe! Through our process, the herbs lend their medicinal benefits to the oil which then gets applied to the skin through the finished product.

We are not cutting corners when it comes to skin healing and repair. We have launched our research skills and the knowledge of herbalists to address every aspect of skin healing and keep skin safe and healthy! 

All of the ingredients we use are meant to serve one purpose- to fully heal the skin from all sorts of conditions: wounds, cuts, bruises, scrapes, itchy, dry or inflamed skin.

We also scouted local farms to grow some of our medicinal herbs.

Go ahead give our herbals balms a try!

Welcome to beautiful skin!