Social/Environmental Impact

We are a member company of the Packaging Collaborative through the Climate Collaborative, a consortium of committed brands who came together to reduce waste through packaging. 

We are working hard to reduce our own waste and advocate for waste reduction in our communities. We take our environmental impact very seriously. From manufacturing, to packaging, to distribution we always keep a close eye on our carbon footprint.

1. Our manufacturing process produces minimal to zero waste. We infuse the oils we use in our products with organic medicinal herbs. After the infusion process we compost the left over organic materials or donate them for soap making. 

2. Our salves are packaged in glass and paper packaging.  Glass is a material that can be recycled forever, and paper is biodegradable. We are working with a manufacturer who uses biodegradable coating. Packaging alone produces millions of tons of waste every year. We are at the forefront of this battle to reduce unnecessary waste production with our packaging.

3. We advocate in our community for zero waste practices like composting. We are working in partnership with nonprofit Every Tray Counts with local schools to implement a composting program in the school cafeterias to reduce food waste produced by schools. On our county in NC, we have the second largest school county in the US, producing 25000 lbs of food waste bound to landfills. If we can divert that wast from landfills and turn it into compost we will sequester thousands of pounds of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere while also teaching students about the impact their behavior has on the environment. 

4. We are advocating at our local government for environmental policy to introduce town wide curbside composting. According to Drawdown Project tackling food waste is in the top three solutions  to reverse climate change.