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Travel Kit (Mothers's healing balm 1 oz, Tea Tree Balm 1 oz, Feel Good Balm 1 oz)

Travel Kit (Mothers's healing balm 1 oz, Tea Tree Balm 1 oz, Feel Good Balm 1 oz)

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Take this stylish canvas bag with you everywhere. It holds safely all of our products in one place so you can carry them in your purse everywhere you go.

Take this travel bag everywhere to heal, nourish and protect your and your family's skin naturally all summer long.

1. Mother's Healing Balm 1 oz

Moisturize and nourish skin naturally

2. Tea Tree Balm 1 oz

Protect skin while deeply nourishing

3. Feel Good Balm 1 oz

Massage tired muscles, neck, shoulders and relax.

Bag made of 100% cotton


Ingredients: Organic Virgin Sesame Oil*, Cannabis Sativa Oil*, Beeswax, Lavender*, Ashwagandha root*, Which Hazel*, Marshmallow root*, Calendula Flowers*, Lavandin Oil. 

How to use

Apply to clean skin and massage into skin until fully absorbed. Do not apply on open or broken skin.


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Return policy

100% Money Back Guarantee if not happy with our products for any reason, please email to discuss concerns and refund.

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Safe for Kids

Our products are safe to use for any skin type. We developed our ointments with an herbalist, and have chosen herbs that are ultra healing to skin. Our products offer a safe and natural alternative for skin rashes, dry skin, itch, burns, bug bites and minor muscle discomfort. 

Best For

* Anti Itch

* Dry Skin

* Skin Rash

* Skin Astringent

* Bug Bite Care

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What we stand for

Our products were made with love using organic and biodynamic ingredients from Nature. We use 100% organic virgin oils and medicinal herbs that show maximum healing benefits for the skin. Our products were tested for safety and Toxicity bu the Environmental Working Group.

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