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All Purpose Herbal Salve with Tea Tree Oil 4 oz

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Our herbal salves were inspired by Mother Nature! We work with whole herbs like calendula, witch hazel, lavender and marshmallow and infuse them into virgin organic oils for the purpose of nourishing the deepest layers of skin.

We make our salves in small batches using a proprietary infusion process to capture the healing benefits of medicinals we use in our products. Our mission is to heal skin naturally. Our approach is holistic, we consider every aspect of skin healing and repair and choose our ingredients accordingly. The base  for our salves and skin care products is virgin sesame oil and hemp oil. Sesame oil is has one of the highest levels of zinc among oils, which is crucial in skin healing and repair. Virgin hemp oil lends its skin healing benefits by providing Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA), a type of Omega 3 fat that is needed to reduce inflammation and help in skin healing. 

We also add organic tea tree oil to our herbal salve. Tea tree oil is Mother Nature's astringent.

Use our All Puprose Hemp Salve for to moisturize and soothe your skin daily. 

 Read more about our innovation here.

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